The key to our success lies not only within our technical innovations and our expertise in the plastics processing industry, but also in our unique company culture. As part of an owner-managed, medium-sized company, FRIMO employees have a particular responsibility. Sustainability and workplace safety are top priorities in our business development. As a global technology partner with 15 locations worldwide, FRIMO offers its employees international opportunities. Regional activities at each individual location, such as social events, also have a high priority.  It is very important to FRIMO to maintain and develop this culture.

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As an innovative technology partner, FRIMO provides a full range of products, including PU processing, flexible trimming, punching, pressing, forming, thermoforming, laminating, and edge folding. Joining and gluing complete our product portfolio.

Along with standard tools and systems, we also offer unique, application-configured solutions and complete cross-technology products.