Environment and Employment

Environment and Employment

Responsibility means taking a look over the edge

We want to help create a meaningful life for people and also maintain the natural resources of the world. Therefore, we are involved with sports, social projects and environmental protection.


The environment starts in the factory. FRIMO believes it is important to ensure everything is environmentally friendly every step of the way, starting with tool and machine designs. Our processes and materials are checked regularly to ensure they are environmentally safe, and we are consistently improving our methods whenever and wherever possible.

Social life:


Quality of life can be improved on many levels in many places. FRIMO supports their communities by donating to schools and clubs and by offering young people a well-founded education.

Furthermore, FRIMO supports the relief organization PLAN-INTERNATIONAL, which provides support for disadvantaged countries. Connecting specific sponsorships with practical projects is a good thing. On one hand, concrete relationships with people all over the world have been established. On the other hand, medical financing and home and school situation improvement have a long, lasting effect on the overall environment.


Sports are not just something to watch on television. For many people, sports help make a healthy balance with the requirements of daily life. For this reason, FRIMO supports many different sports for different audiences.


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