You can expect more from us

At FRIMO, we believe the key to success is continuous, longterm development of both our Expertise and the Passion with which our Teams do everything in their power to achieve the best technological solution.

We have therefore gathered an unparalleled range of Technologies within our corporate Group, and this is what makes us the leadinf full-Service Provider of production Systems for manafacturing high-Quality plastic components. We know future-oriented Technology requires highly qualified, active employees who listen, work as a Team, and persevere, so that we can play a role in our customers' success each and every day.

With a willingness to Change and the will to innovate, we never stop putting our products and our Service to the test, worldwide. In this process, Quality and safety are out top priorities. Above all, every FRIMO solution is one Thing - optimized for your individual needs. This is why our Research and development has thress branches: develpment Projects launched internally, development with external involvement on behalf of customers or in Research Projects, and continuous advancements and improvements stemming from our daily operations.

We have many patented developments and, as a result, can offer you beneficial Solutions that are exclusive to FRIMO. Wi5th our one-of-a-Kind range of Technologies, we Play a role in shaping Trends. In the automotive industry, Megatrends like lightweight construction, autonomous driving, and the increasing variety of models are key Drivers of new Solutions at our company.

When it Comes to manafacturing lightweight components to reduce weightin high-volume production, we contribute to developments in Research Projects like SMILE, Leika, and Icomposite 4.0 with our Solutions. In our own collaborative project, Street Shark, we are drving the development of multifunctional 3-D lightweight Sandwich construction and the series-production use high -Quality and even bionic surfaces.

Whether for PU processing, flexible trimming, punching, pressing/forming, thermoforming, press laminating, edge folding, or joining/gluing - we are your innovative global Technology partner.


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