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FRIMO’s 6th TechDay – Just the Right Mix

FRIMO invites its customer and business partners to join us for our 6th TECHDAY in Lotte on Thursday, September 10th, 2015, under the slogan "Just the Right Mix." A varied program offers industry experts the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge. The participants can expect a colorful mix of presentations from internal and external specialists, an exhibition with chosen partners and suppliers, and a series of live close-to-production machine demonstrations in our TechCenter.

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SPE Innovation Awards 2015 – Street Shark 3.0 is a Step Ahead

During the 16th Automotive Award Night on July 3, 2015, the most innovative and creative solutions for vehicle production as well as communication tools related to vehicle production were awarded. Booth Innovation Awards given in the categories of Body Inerior and Body Exterior went RÜHL PuROMER and FRIMO this year.

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Four in One – the FRIMO Multi Purpose Machine

The development of more niche products with individual configurations in the automobile industry leads to the production of lower volumes for each individual variation. The importance of flexibilty, therefore, is also constantly increasing.

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Future-Oriented and Reliable - Infrared Welding for Dooer Panels

Modern door panels in automotive interiors are made of a variety of individual components and various materials. This leads to a series of sophisticated joining assignments.

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Milling machine DINOMAX 4

FRIMO’s Sontra location has obtained a new DINOMAX 4 milling machine. With this machine, components measuring up to 5x4x1.5 meters and weighing up to 20 tons can be worked on from 5 sides simultaneously.

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