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PURe Composites – For Innovative Sandwich Designs

Structural components currently used in serial production generally feature a monolithic construction, which means they are built from carbon fibers in a matrix, metallic components, and aluminum or magnesium. The new approach aims to produce these structural components in a sandwich construction method, consisting of a cost-effective lightweight core with cover layers made from various reinforcing fibers.

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Deutsche Beteiligungs AG invests in FRIMO

Frankfurt am Main, 9. August 2016. Die Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) will invest alongside ist advised DBAG Fund VI in the FRIMO Group GmbH (Frimo), DBAG announced today. Frimo is a leading global Provider of tooling and plants for the production of high-Performance plastic components primarily for car interiors.

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Universal Thermoforming Genius - Compact, Flexible and Economical

As part of a “Product News Live Day” at the beginning of the year in Freilassing, FRIMO showed about 50 interested customers the latest product development and a response to more flexible and economical manufacturing solutions with shorter life cycles and greater model diversity. The multi-purpose machine (MPM) combines vacuum lamination, press lamination, groove lamination and edge folding in a single compact, modular system.

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Thermoform Line for Organo Sheets – Pilot Hatch from High-performance Composites

FRIMO developed a new thermoform line for the aviation industry to form high-performance thermoplastic composite materials, which started series production in Italy at the beginning of the year. The startup was celebrated with an official dedication ceremony for the new Research & Production center operated by the customer AEROSOFT SpA in Naples.

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Layer by Layer - 3D Printing for Rapid Results

With the goal of shortening run-through times in the project development phase, FRIMO has been turning to 3D printing technology more and more to produce leather wrapping models, calibers and prototype components. 3D printing saves time, and its cost advantages are accelerating the trend. It also allows extra steps, such as NC programming and milling, to be omitted.

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