Flexible Trimming

Robotic systems with a variety of applications

Flexible Trimming

An ever-growing range of models and variants, new design requirements and materials, and constantly accelerating development and product cycles demand increasingly flexible trimming systems.

FRIMO's experience and broad range of technologies makes it the right partner for selecting and supplying the appropriate fixtures, tools and machines for plastic component trimming. FRIMO offers its customers the optimal solution from a technical and economic perspective.

Different technologies are available for testing purposes in our modern technical center.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Relatively low investment costs 
  • Optimal technical and economic solution based on project specific requirements 
  • Product modification possible at any time 
  • Manufacturing of multiple products with one machine 
  • Cutting parts with complex geometries 
  • Optimization possibilities through offline-programming and simulation tools
  • Ideal for small volume production as well as for prototype and service part manufacturing
  • Variation manufacturing in combination with punching


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