Edge Folding

FRIMO Edge Folding Technology

Adhesive-free equipment

Bonding with the substrate component is carried out without adhesive. These processes are particularly useful for back-injected or back-pressed components, where the decorative material needs to cover component edges.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • Hot air edge folding
    • Melting substrate material's surface with hot air, edge folding via temperature-controlled sliders; particularly well suited for processing thermoplastics such as PP, PE and PP natural fibers
  • Heated sliders
    • Melting the decorative material and substrate in the edge folding area (for thermoplastics and duroplastics)
  • Ultrasonic edge folding
    • Welding the decorative and substrate material with ultrasonic welding sonotrodes; various applications with thermoplastics as well as with duroplastics such as ABS/P

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Technology neutral consulting
  • Tailor-made, efficient solution
  • Minimum space requirement due to compact modular system design
  • High process reliability
  • Durable edge folding adhesion due to optimal process selection options


Edgefolding Technology Edgefolding Technology (479.7 kB)