Hot Plate Welding

Classic method with a bright future

During hot plate welding, the joining surfaces of the molded components are heated through contact or radiation and then joined under pressure.

In real-world applications, contact hot plate welding technology is used most frequently. This method involves a multi-stage process, because heating and joining of the molded parts occur at different times.

After the joined parts are fixed in a bracket, they are moved against an electric heater. The welding process, which is subdivided into 3 phases- heating, positioning, and joining- begins with contact between the joining surfaces and the heating element.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Long-proven in the market and in many applications
  • Simple system technology
  • High value serial machines and tools
  • Multi-cavity molds possible
  • Tool changing systems
  • Balance of article tolerances possible through the matching process


Hot Plate Welding Hot Plate Welding (1.0 MB)