FRIMO Ultrasonic welding

High-value and technically perfected

Ultrasonic welding is an energy-efficient and quick method and is also suitable for larger quantities. Door panels, add-on parts for instrument consoles, and other trim pieces for the vehicle interior are typical applications in the automotive industry.

During ultrasonic welding/riveting, the welding energy is applied by generating ultrasonic oscillations (20-30-40 kHz) in the joining surfaces of the thermoplastic workpieces. The proprietary ultrasonic standard components from FRIMO enable a very quick welding in seconds and are perfectly suited for surface welding and riveting with cold workpieces. The methods can be monitored electronically. The option of hand welding provides simple emergency strategies.

The portfolio of services ranges from simple equipment to complex robotic welding systems, which can also be used to process different components in a single system as needed.

The advantages at one glance:

  • Compact and modular system structure
  • Flexible and multi-faceted application options
  • High process assurance
  • Component-specific design and configuration
  • Equipped with original standard components from FRIMO
  • Quick tool changing systems