PU Processing

Type 6 PLUS

The universal tool carrier for instrument panel back-foaming

Type 6 Plus standard tool carrier is modular in design. It include extensive basic equipment and can be configured and expanded according to customer requirements due to their modular design.

  • Type 6 PLUS: Electrically driven model with additional features
    • All pivoting movements by gear drive
    • All pivoting positions can be reached without prior retrofit work; the upper part can pivot backwards, too.
    • Can handle higher tool weights
    • Lower position of bottom carrier piece during part positioning

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Four driven axes, which can be moved simultaneously on demand
  • Standardized tool and e-control interface
  • Can be integrated into different production line systems
  • The foam injection can occur from the operator's side or from the rear, and into an open or closed mold
  • Compact and modular design, suitable for most of the production line systems available on the market
  • Very quick movements, very short closing times
  • Versatile pivoting movements and precise, continuous positioning
  • Optimal ergonomics programmable
  • Due to the modular design, many options can be individually configured, such as automatic mold clamping, integrated wheels and tool change trolley, adjustment of the foam injection position/direction, etc.


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