We create bonds- with the ideal design and controls

Joining tasks are becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted, and quality requirements of the bonds are also increasing. A variety of different methods are used depending on the scope of the application, as well as the material configuration, component geometry, and quantity requirements.

Considering weldability during the design stage creates advantages later on. This is because the only way to compensate for tolerances and guarantee reliable welds is with perfectly designed weld-seam geometries. Our special FRIMO controls technology also plays a considerable role in the efficiency of the processes.

When it comes to infrared welding, FRIMO JoinLine Systems are a technological leader in the market. In addition to the substantial benefits of completely particle-free joining and the weld seams extremely high rigidity, the process is perfect and particularly sustainable for welding high-performance plastics.

The FRIMO Plastics Joining Configurator app, which can be found in both the Apple and Android app stores, will show you which joining method is right for you.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • Infrared welding systems
  • Hot plate welding systems
  • Ultrasonic welding Systems
  • Ultasonic Standard components:
    • Handheld welding devices
    • Generators
    • Converters
    • Feed units
    • Path measuring systems
  • Ultrassonic riveting systems
  • Heat stake riveting systems
  • Hot air riveting systems
  • Gluting systems

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Technologically neutral consulting, based on an extensive range of joining technologies
  • Technically and economically advanced, project/component-specific joining solutions
  • Bundled competence for fewer interfaces
  • Standard components (always available and can be integrated into common systems, e.g. for ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding units or heat staking)
  • In-house application center with a wide range of testing units for developing and verifying equipment and processes
  • Relocation, retrofitting and maintenance of existing tools, machines and equipment


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