Joining: Ultrasonic Standard Components

FRIMO Ultrasonic Standard Components


Fexible and available at any time

FRIMO's ultrasonic standard components can be delivered quickly and used in all common system types or integrated into complex manufacturing lines. During ultrasonic welding/riveting, ultrasonic vibrations (20-30-40 kHz) are generated in the joining surfaces of the thermoplastic components. FRIMO generators, converters, and sonotrodes allow a particularly quick weld (within seconds). The processes can be monitored electronically, and the option of hand welding provides simple emergency strategies.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • Digital FRIMO ultrasonic generators
    • Performances of 20-30-40 kHz and 400 - 4,000 watts
  • FRIMO ultrasonic converter 
    • With a degree of effectiveness of over 95%
  • FRIMO hand welding devices 
    • With pistol or rod grip for mobile use
  • FRIMO high-frequency converter 
    • To connect to all common industrial bus systems
  • FRIMO feed units (actuators) 
    • Guide the sonotrodes to the joining surface with the required pressure
  • FRIMO position measuring system 
    • High-precision, no-contact position measuring system
  • Sonotrodes 
    • Made of titanium, steel, or aluminum- for every application

A quick look at the benefits:

  • "Plug and play" principle
  • Technologically ready products with a higher-than-average lifetime
  • Simple component design
  • Persuasive price/performance ratio


Ultrasonic Standard Components for Plastic Joining

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