Laminating: Press Laminating

FRIMO Press Laminating


For sophisticated decorative materials

Press laminating is mainly used to process materials that are unsuitable for vacuum processes, such as textiles, materials with and without foam backings or non-stretchable cover materials like leather or Alcantara. Processing these materials requires high quality tooling and machinery to ensure the quality of the grain, the soft touch and the color remain intact. The decorative element and the substrate are usually laminated together by being pressed between two hard instruments. Precise decor positioning and tool arrangements ensure optimal laminating conditions.

Other forms of laminating include leather laminating and membrane laminating, which combines press laminating, edge folding, trimming.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio:

  • Engineering
    • Pre-engineering and process planning
  • Press laminating and membrane laminating tools
    • Prototype and pilot-series tools
    • Press laminating / edge folding tools
    • Press laminating / edge folding / punching tools
    • Membrane laminating tools
  • Single-station press laminating machines
    • Small, medium and large machines
    • Machines with and without heating field
    • Machines with and without sliding table
    • Laboratory / special single-station machines 
  • In-line press laminating machines
    • In-line machines with decor and substrate component handling
    • In-line machines with component handling and trim options 
  • Membrane laminating machines
    • Single-station machines with or without hot air activation
    • Sliding table machines with or without hot air activation
  • Special machines
    • such as rotary table machines 
  • Tool change systems

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Surfaces handled gently
  • Appealing surfaces like those achieved with leather laminating
  • Optimum material savings through the use of precut material
  • Adhesive-free laminating possible
  • Savings through intelligent combination of production steps


Press Laminating

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