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Polyurethane products can be found in all areas of daily life. PU is used in upholstered furniture, for sports equipment, and even as insulation material for refrigerators. In the automotive industry, typical applications include instrument panels, door trims, headliners, seats, headrests, steering wheels, bumpers and spoilers.

FRIMO offers a full product range for the processing of soft, semi-rigid, rigid and integral foams, casting systems, filled systems and PU spray applications.

FRIMO is the leading supplier of tooling and machinery for high-quality leather and imitation leather surfaces, such as equipment for leather laminatingleather-scoring and polyurethane back foaming of stitched leather skins.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Process-neutral consulting for optimal technical and economic solutions
  • Tools, machinery and equipment from a single source
  • Reduction of interfaces with integrated service
  • Component models / simulations for optimal manufacturability and reduction of material use
  • In-house production of samples, prototypes and spare parts with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Reconstruction, relocation, retrofitting and maintenance of existing tools, machines and equipment


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