Rotary Table Systems

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Turn Tables

Turn tables are used for projects with predictable, constant quantities with few product variants. They consist of several tool carriers mounted to a rotating table, where they are moved from one work station to the next. For specific applications, such as manufacturing right-hand and left-hand control levers in the automotive industry, it is also possible to combine turn table and stationary systems, which then provide the advantages of both systems in one unit.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Fixed operator stations and production cycles
  • Low construction height
  • Fastened to the floor
  • Cycling or continuous operation possible
  • Standard rotational speeds from 100 to 800 mm/s (4 – 12 inch/s)
  • Standard diameters from 4 to 15 m (13 – 50 ft)
  • Load capacities up to 80 tons
  • Centralized bearing
  • Energy supplies via media interfaces in the center of the turn table or aggregates fastened to the turn table
  • Loop wiring systems for media distribution on the turn table


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