FRIMO Thermoforming Technology


Satisfying all your thermoforming needs in one place

Thermoforming is a particularly efficient and effective technology with high-quality results and a virtually unlimited spectrum of applications. This technology involves hot forming various films or sheet materials with a vacuum in a positive or negative form. Film forming with IMG or TEPEO 2® technology is an economically efficient alternative to other forming processes, such as slush-molded or spray skin.

FRIMO's tailor-made tooling and system technologies are used all over the world in the automotive industry to produce cockpit and door components, as well as all kinds of interior trims. This technology is also used in various other industries, including for sanitary applications, medical and packaging products, "white goods", office materials, and sports and leisure articles.

FRIMO's Product Portfolio

  • Engineering
    • Pre-engineering, process planning and thermoform simulation
  • Thermoforming tools
    • Prototype and pilot-series thermoforming tools
    • Thermoforming tools with molding accessories and trimming tools
    • IMG thermoforming tools with molding accessories and trimming tools
    • Special configurations, e.g. collapsible tools
  • EcoForm single-station thermoforming machines
    • Small, medium and large series
    • Laboratory or special single-station machines
    • EcoForm plate equipment
  • MaxiForm thermoforming machines
    • cost-effective standard thermoforming machine for plastic sheets, perfectly suited for thermoforming oversized components in small and medium batches
  • VarioForm in-line thermoforming machines
    • In-line machines with separate heater station
    • In-line machines with sliding, swiveling or rotary table
    • Foil feed by chain rail or gripper feed system
  • VarioForm rotary table thermoforming machines
    • Rotary table machines, e.g. 3-stations with blank processing
  • Special machines
    • Individual configurations
  • Tool change systems

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Process neutral consultation due to a widespread technology competence
  • High-quality and comprehensive basic configuration
  • Various options
  • Sophisticated, tested and economically efficient conceptions
  • Short cycle times
  • Proven, solid, safe design
  • High process reliability and safety


Sophisticated Skin Design

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