Range of Services

Range of Services

All services from a single source

Tailor-made for your application

Depending on your needs, we are able to supplement our products with comprehensive services along the entire value chain- from engineering, project management, prototyping, and production of tools and machines to a broad spectrum of services. Our portfolio also includes the automation or combination of multiple technologies into an intelligent system, as well as the management of turnkey projects. We offer technology-neutral consulting from the start and can also provide spare parts. Everything tailor-made from a single source!

We support in every step of the process:


America: Brian Raymond
+1 (248) 668-3191
+1 (248) 939-2479

Europe: Martina Schierholt
+49 (0) 54 04 8 86 1 57

Asia: Billy Wang
+86 (21) 51 65 15 88