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The TechCenter concept – unique use of new possibilities

FRIMO's TechCenter offers unique possibilities, technologies and products for the development of prototypes and short production runs. With shorter development cycles, smooth start-ups are becoming increasingly more important to achieve full scale production. FRIMO offers the best possible support to increase time and cost savings.

All technologies for manufacturing high class plastic components can be found in the TechCenter. Additionally, we provide a widespread service portfolio, including comprehensive technology consulting support, as well as design and process optimization. The TechCenter service portfolio is complemented by extensive training courses.

Your fast, flexible and cost effective single source.

The TechCenter concept – integrated time and cost savings

  • Technologies
    • Surface Technologies: PU Spraying, Thermoforming, IMG
    • Part Assembly
    • Joining: IR, US and Hot Plate Welding
    • Component Trim: Milling, Cold Knife, Punching
    • Laminating, Pitching
    • PU Foaming
    • Weakening: Scoring, Milling
  • Services
    • Technological Consulting
    • Production Planning
    • Design Consulting
    • Foaming and Thermoforming Simulation
    • Management of parts from third party Suppliers
    • Process Optimization
    • Documentation
    • Project Management
    • Logistic Services
    • Quality Management
    • Dimensional Control of Parts
    • Training
  • Tools
    • Models
    • Devices / Equipment
    • Tools
    • Fixtures
    • Gauges
  • Service Portfolio
    • Material Evaluation
    • Prototyping
    • Validation
    • Sample Part Production
    • Process Development
    • Small Series Production
    • Pilot Plants
    • New Internal / External Development

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Sample part production at one location
  • Optimal coordinated processes
  • Comprehensive consulting service as well as parts, process and manufacturing optimization
  • Fewer interfaces = more flexibility
  • Timeline management from a single source
  • Component management
  • Coordinated engineering change management
  • Sample part production according to customer quality requirements
  • Provision of services and technical resources in the TechCenter for your company
  • Project offices available


TechCenter brochure

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America: Derek Roberts
+1 (248) 668-3195
+1 (313) 207-3210

Europa: Martina Schierholt
+49 (0) 54 04 8 86 1 57

Asia: Billy Wang
+86 (21) 51 65 15 88