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Customer Training / Production Support

FRIMO Service

Your employees’ know-how and skills play an important role in guaranteeing smooth production. FRIMO Service offers a broad range of support, ranging from hands-on operator instructions and tailor-made machine and maintenance trainings to specialized process engineering lectures. FRIMO service specialists can be located directly at your site for production support upon request.

FRIMO's Product and Service Portfolio:

  • Hands-on operator instructions
  • Tailor-made machine and maintenance trainings
  • Special lectures on process engineering
  • On-site assignment of FRIMO service specialists, e.g. for SOP support or as a back-up solution

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Increased productivity through optimal handling and utilization of tools, machines and installations from an operator's perspective
  • High production reliability due to prevention of operator errors
  • Improved safety and product quality 
  • Minimized downtimes


America: Ralf Peters
+1 (248) 668-3198
+1 (586) 854-6186

Europe: Lars Albermann
+49 (0)54 04 8 86 3 28

Asia: Kenny Lu
+86 (21)51 65 15 51