Transmission of CAD-data

The following binding conditions apply for all CAD-data transfers to FRIMO connection addresses via data carrier or remote transmission.

1.) The sender must notify FRIMO in advance by e-mail of each. Please use the following e-Mail adress:

The notice must include the following information:

  • Name of the sender (company and person)
  • Unique FRIMO project number, is to be given to the FRIMO contact (project management/sales)
  • Reason for the data transfer (new inquiry, modification, technical enhancement, etc.)
  • In the case of modifications and technical enhancements, changes should be clearly and completely noted (highlighted, position description, etc.)
  • Outline should be sent by e- mail (ppt., jpg.) in which the above-described details are clearly recognizable
  • Reference as to which document or data version should be replaced by the present version
  • Indication of whether the data or data version is approved for production.

2.) If this contractual obligation is not followed, FRIMO reserves the right to deal with the received data as follows:

  • Incompletely identified and unannounced data will not be worked on
  • The data will be construed as misdirected and will be returned to the sender as such (the return trasmission serves as a legally binding written notification)
  • Any resulting consequences, for example delays or additional costs, are the responsibility of the sender
  • If an evaluation of the data is made anyhow, based on a contractual relationship with the sender, the work will be charged on a time and effort basis.

For professional order processing, FRIMO requires binding CAD data CATIA V5R26 (alternatives possible upon agreement) with closed, flawless surfaces. Repair of deficient surfaces will be charged to sender.

CAD-data may be submitted via remote data transmission:

DFÜ ODETTE to VDA 4914 /VDA4951 (ENGDAT), Web-Portals (HTTPS), FTP-Server (FTP/SFTP) or via data stick (CD/DVD or USB-STICK).

With any data modification, it is obligatory that FRIMO recieves CAD data necessary for project processing – either indicated or described.


Transmission of CAD-data

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