See FRIMO tooling and equipment virtually with the Augmented Reality App, and determine which technology to use to join different materials in one click.


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The digitalization of various production processes along with smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, and virtual reality headsets make Smart Service and virtual reality possible. While virtual reality (VR) created a hype in the video game industry, augmented reality (AR) is gaining popularity in sales and marketing with the goal of anchoring the products in customers' minds.

FRIMO Contact for Apps
FRIMO Contact for Apps

Sven Garcia Alba

Marketing Manager

+49 (5404) 886 105


Experience innovative technology solutions from a completely new perspective.

Whether you’re interested in PU foaming, flexible trimming, punching, pressing, or forming, or looking for tooling and equipment for thermoforming, press laminating, edge folding, or plastics joining, you can see all of FRIMO’s innovative technology solutions full-scale and up close with our FRIMO Augmented Reality App.

Dive into our dynamic world, experience efficient tooling and equipment technology in action, see things from a fascinating new perspective, and discover interesting details with FRIMO Virtual Reality.


For lasting connections

Quickly and easily discover which technologies and methods are best suited for welding or riveting various plastics together with the FRIMO app. Selecting which materials you would like to join couldn’t be simpler. Plus, the app determines all suitable processing methods. The results can be sent immediately via e-mail for personal use or directly to FRIMO.

FRIMO: Apps + Multimedia

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