Transmission of CAD Data

1.) Please notify FRIMO in advance by email prior to transmitting data, using the following email address:

Your notification must include the following information:

  • Sender's information, including
    • Name of company sending data
    • Location of company sending data
    • Name of person sending data
    • Name of the person who requested the transmission
  • General project information, including
    • OEM
    • Car code
    • Part description
    • Technology/technologies
  • Recipient's information, including
    • Names of addressed FRIMO contacts
    • FRIMO location(s)

  • FRIMO project number, if available
  • Reason for the data transmission (new RFQ, modification, technical enhancement, etc.)
  • For modifications and technical enhancements, any changes should be clearly and completely noted (highlighted, description of position, etc.)
  • A sketch should be sent by email (ppt., jpg.) in which the details described above are clearly recognizable
  • Reference as to which document or data version should be replaced by the version being sent
  • Indication of whether the data or data version is approved for production

2.) Should these requirements not be met, FRIMO reserves the right to handle any data received in the following ways:

  • Incompletely identified and unannounced data may not be processed.
  • The data may be classified as misdirected and will then be returned to sender. Should FRIMO reject and return the data transmittal note, it shall be considered a legally binding, written notification.
  • FRIMO is not liable for consequences resulting from incorrect data transmission, such as delays or additional costs.
  • If data must be reviewed by FRIMO due to a contractual obligation, the expenses for reviewing will be charged to the contractual partner.

FRIMO requires binding CAD data in CATIA V5R26 format unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise. CAD data must have closed surfaces without deficiencies. Repairs to deficient surfaces will be charged to the sender.

CAD data may be transmitted to FRIMO in the following ways:

DFÜ (IP: OFTP2) to VDA 4914/2 (Odette-FTP)/VDA4951/VDA4951 (ENGDAT), Web-Portals (HTTPS), FTP-Server (FTP/SFTP) or via data stick (CD/DVD or flash drive).

If the transmitted data includes modifications to previous versions, the sender only needs to transmit the parts that have been modified. The sender must also mark and/or describe the modifications, either in a PowerPoint presentation or a similar fashion.


Your contact at FRIMO
Your contact at FRIMO


FRIMO CAD Data Transmission

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