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Our success stems not only from our technical innovations and know-how, but also our unique company culture. FRIMO, an owner-operated small business, has a special degree of responsibility towards its employees. Employee retention and job security are two of the main business development goals. As a global technology partner with 15 locations around the world, FRIMO offers international opportunities. Regional activities at individual locations and increasing social engagement are also very important. Maintaining and continuing the development of this culture means a lot to FRIMO.

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FRIMO Technological Competence

As an innovative technology partner, FRIMO supplies a wide range of products, from PU processing to flexible trimming, punching, pressing and forming, thermoforming, laminating, and edge folding. Plastic joining and gluing complete the spectrum.

Depending on the application, these processes can be completed using standard tooling and equipment, individually customized solutions, or multi-technology, complete project solutions.

PUR-Verarbeitung Flexibles Schneiden Stanzen Pressen Thermoformen Kaschieren Umbugen Fügen
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