Code of Conduct

The FRIMO Group regards itself as duty bound to act with appropriate consideration of economic, social and environmental factors. The FRIMO Group therefore endeavours to conduct its business competently and ethically, while ensuring fair competition in all markets in which it is active, in particular by complying with applicable laws concerning the prohibition of cartels, competition and competition restrictions as well as human rights. Within the scope of the relevant options, the FRIMO Group fosters compliance with the codes of conduct set forth below, among its suppliers and in the further value added chain.


The following aspects are defined in the code of conduct:
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Human rights, forced labor, child labor
  • Attention to fundamental rights, equal opportunities
  • Fair working conditions and health protection
  • Sustainability and environmental protection
  • Product safety


The code of conduct is a general part of our purchase orders.

FRIMO Purchasing Contact
FRIMO Purchasing Contact

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