Become a Supplier

Becoming a Supplier


We are a technological market leader in developing and manufacturing systems used for producing high-quality plastic components for various applications. We serve primarily the automotive and automotive supply industries worldwide. In the interest of our customers, we are seeking highly efficient partners to help us increase our product competitiveness through continuous cost optimization and technological progress.

Our requirements for domestic and international suppliers are as follows:

  • Impeccable quality of the delivered products
  • Exact delivery
  • Flexibility in meeting fluctuating demands
  • Reliability in contractual commitments
  • Competitive pricing
  • Delivery of systems, modules and components
  • Top international service
  • Cooperation in product development and creation processes
  • Incorporation of innovative ideas
  • Ongoing improvement of the supply chain
  • Active participation in value analysis projects
  • Collaborative flexibility

Do you meet these requirements and want to become a supplier?

Send your request to: strategic.purchasing[at]

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