It is important that we work in an open, reasonable and efficient manner. This means:

Better products. Better service. Better partnership.

What we expect from our suppliers:

Transparent information processes result in fast, punctual and flexible delivery. Inventories can therefore be minimized throughout the entire supply chain. The key requirement for achieving this is minimal lead times in the management, production and logistics processes. This ensures you will be motivated and ready to provide information in all stages of business. An ongoing development of processes, including logistics, quality measures and optimization of the delivery items open up significant potential for cost reduction ‒ in your company as well as ours.

Supplier management:

A systematic and repetitive system of evaluating and assessing suppliers is the foundation of supplier management at FRIMO. The combination of efficiency and service is essential for selection and commissioning. We analyze quality, delivery and quantity reliability and any deviations in the specified packaging. If these supplier criteria are continuously and satisfactorily met, we will add you to our list of preferred suppliers, providing you a reliable customer with a high volume of business. Our long-term goal is to work with only the best suppliers.

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