50 Years of Global Competence - 4th FRIMO Forum in Lotte

50 years of FRIMO stand for five decades of dynamism and passion for plastics technologies. Pioneering spirit, courage and strength of purpose have characterized the dynamic development of the FRIMO Group for a half a century now, allowing us to become one of the world’s leading technology providers for manufacturing solutions...

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Edge included - One-Shot hybrid technology

By combining forming and back-injection into one step several years ago, with the so-called organo sheet injection (OI) method, FRIMO created an innovative possibilit for accelerating the manafacturing process of hybrid components and making this more economical. Especially the edge areas of components present a particular challenge for which no suitable solution could previously be found.

TechDay Hamburg 2015

FRIMO’s 5th TechDay took place 6 weeks ago in Hamburg with the motto “Once Joined, Never Separated”. Thank you very much to all the participants for coming and for all of your positive feedback! We have put together a film of this exciting day for all who took part, or all who just want to see what all the hype is about. Enjoy!


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