Clever combination ‒ forming and back injection in a single operation

In the development and design of innovative manufacturing solutions that are cost-effective at the same time, the combination of different technologies and the integration of different work steps into the process play a key role. With the Organo Sheet Injection (OSI) process...

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Milling machine DINOMAX 4

FRIMO’s Sontra location has obtained a new DINOMAX 4 milling machine. With this machine, components measuring up to 5x4x1.5 meters and weighing up to 20 tons can be worked on from 5 sides simultaneously.

Giving is Better than Receiving

Under the motto “Giving is Better than Receiving,” FRIMO is again donating to a good cause this holiday season. This year, the Technical Relief Organization of the Berchtesgaden Region – Technische Hilfswerk Berchtesgadener Land – received a check for €5,000.


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