Efficient airbag weakening – With 2D leather scoring and FRIMO Side-by-Side

For invisible airbag weakening, also so-called scoring, a defined tear line is created on the back of the decorative material. The tool (blade, cutter, etc.) is always held at right-angles to the surface for this process (3D scoring). With FlexTrim 2D scoring, FRIMO is now offering an attractive alternative for weakening the delicate material in the airbag area, specifically designed for the continually expanding market for leather and artificial leather applications in the instrument panel sector. Before sewing, the leather is inserted into a flat holder, where it is held in place by a vacuum and weakened in one plane (2D). Processing real leather, which is a natural product, presents particular challenges. The material is not always even, as injuries can cause harder sections around scars. A circular blade is therefore used for leather scoring, which weakens the leather in a rotating process.

In addition to the established two-station 90° systems, in which the operating areas are arranged at an angle of 90°, FRIMO recently introduced a side-by-side version. With this version, several systems can easily be set up close together to save space. There are significant advantages to the side-by-side version in terms of easier accessibility to the machine and shorter distances for the operator.

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