FRIMO Virtual Reality – Experience innovative technology solutions from a completely new perspective.

Whether you’re interested in PU foaming, flexible trimming, punching, pressing, or forming, or looking for tooling and equipment for thermoforming, press laminating, edge folding, or plastics joining, you can see all of FRIMO’s innovative technology solutions full-scale and up close at our FAKUMA stand in hall A1.

Dive into our dynamic world, experience efficient tooling and equipment technology in action, see things from a fascinating new perspective, and discover interesting details with FRIMO Virtual Reality.


FRIMO Augmented Reality App

View our technologies in 3D! Download the app and scan the images.


Contact for questions and further Information:

FRIMO Group GmbH
Sven Garcia Alba
Hansaring 1
D-49504 Lotte

Tel.: +49 (0)5404/886-105

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FRIMO News Magazine Contact

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