FRIMO TechAcademy 2013

FRIMO TechAcademy is starting its third year of training. The first two years clearly demonstrated that our comprehensive course programme has been a great success with our customers because it communicates knowledge, expertise and practical experience for use in practical applications...

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“It’s a PURe Day” ‒ experience FRIMO PUR

FRIMO is one of the market-leading full-service providers in the field of PUR processing. Its range of products and services includes the component-based and production-based development and manufacture of an impressively wide variety of moulds and tool carriers and their integration into an extremely broad spectrum of equipment systems.

Global customer proximity - new management at FRIMO China

FRIMO is understanding disproportionate growth overseas, China in particular is at the center of this growth. The overseas share in sales is expected to reach 70 üpercent by 2017.


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FRIMO News Magazine Contact

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Head of Marketing

+49 (5404) 886-157

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