IMG with Live Stitch - Premium Color Contrast

Add a live stitch to IMG skins for a premium look and to complex 3D geometries without visible grain distortion – a comparatively economic way to produce premium surfaces for automotive instrument panels or door panels.

A contrasting live stitch massively increases part value. A variety of decors can be produced during the same process. The process is simple and the result impressive – in both a visual and economic sense:

  1. IMG thermoform and trim a TPO skin
  2. Add a contrasting live stitch to the skin (manually)
  3. Press laminate and edge fold the skin

The skin is produced in a universal FRIMO IMG forming and laminating machine. The machine has run in our customer’s plant for 10 years with the highest yearly operational availability. It processes optimized skins in 60-second cycles using the in-line concept and was expanded slightly for its new task.

Maximum integration – that’s the best way to describe the press laminating/edge folding concept. In coordination with the customer, the edge folding process was accomplished with minimal re-work. It is completed in a standard machine that takes up only 2.8 x 1.5 m.

  • 4 different substrates (left/right, with/without integrated lighting)
  • 2 processes: press laminating and edge folding
  • 2 skins (with and without seam)

The thermoforming process creates variations in the foil thickness. Foil shrinkage is also considered and compensated for in FRIMO tooling. Space savings were created during process integration through the incorporation of existing machines. Process errors and scrap rates are minimized through an integrated final inspection stage with automatic foil and seam color detection. And finally, material costs are lowered for more efficient production.

Contact for questions and additional information:

FRIMO Freilassing GmbH
Reinhard Schäfer
Tel.: +49(0)8654/4985-940

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