Lightweight foils - new possibilities for thermoforming

In the development of new materials and applications for the automotive industry, sustainability is a “weighty” factor – particularly when it comes to constructing lightweight vehicles. Modern automotive interiors make use of high-quality materials in designs and combinations that are constantly being reinvented.

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Deutsche Beteiligungs AG invests in FRIMO

Frankfurt am Main, 9. August 2016. Die Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) will invest alongside ist advised DBAG Fund VI in the FRIMO Group GmbH (Frimo), DBAG announced today. Frimo is a leading global Provider of tooling and plants for the production of high-Performance plastic components primarily for car interiors.

The automotive industry visits Freilassing

Under the motto "Technology trends and innovations" the FRIMO Group invited its customers and business partners to the Freilassing TechDay on September 25,2014.


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