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FRIMO has been a designer and manufacturer of mix- metering machines and mixing heads for the production of polyurethane parts for seven years. For the same period of time, the company has expanded its PU product and service portfolio and supplied holistic, complex production plants for polyurethane processing.

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New brochures

Our June 11th TechDay in Hamburg covered everything concerning the topic “Plastics Joining,” as well as much more. We are pleased to present our new brochures on these topics, which are now available for download. All of our product innovations and their additional benefits are now available at a glance.

SPE Innovation Awards 2015 – Street Shark 3.0 is a Step Ahead

During the 16th Automotive Award Night on July 3, 2015, the most innovative and creative solutions for vehicle production as well as communication tools related to vehicle production were awarded. Booth Innovation Awards given in the categories of Body Inerior and Body Exterior went RÜHL PuROMER and FRIMO this year.


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FRIMO News Magazine Contact

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