Remote Service with smart glasses - German Television network mdr calls it "Simply Genius"

“Hey, I’ve seen you on TV before!” Oliver Kuellmer is one of the best-known FRIMO employees right now. The mechanical design engineer was featured in an MDR clip about remote service using smart glasses.

We don’t want to give away too much, but a name like “Simply Genius” says a lot (

Lights, camera, action! For a few hours, the shop floor in Sontra, Germany was turned into a movie set. After staging a problem in one of the machines, the technicians showed how they could fix it remotely. Here’s how:

One of the men onsite uses smart glasses to connect to an engineer in his office. The engineer is then able to take a direct look at the machine. He can help find the problem from anywhere in the world. The smart glasses use the Internet to transfer everything the onsite wearer sees to the engineer’s monitor. When the two find the problem, the engineer can send markings, technical information, and design drawings directly to the little display on the smart glasses. One of the coolest features is the smart glasses’ ability to break down language barriers. The integrated chat function translates messages into the selected language. Messages sent in German by experts in Lotte show up in English for the technicians in the US.

Perfect Service for FRIMO customers around the world

The smart glasses are incredibly easy to use, and they give customers a huge advantage. It is not unusual for all production to stop if one machine breaks down, and in complicated situations, that means everyone waits for an expert to fix it. If the expert needs to travel to the customer plant from far away, it is easy to quickly lose a day. The smart glasses and innovative software put an end to that. Using the newest technology, the engineer can quickly and easily provide help anywhere around the world without leaving his desk.

FRIMO is now testing remote service using the smart glasses in the field. So far it, has been a success, especially when the problem is just a pinched hydraulic cable, as shown in the MDR clip. That’s when the remote service is particularly effective.

A start-up from Hessen develops software and smart glasses

The developer of the smart glasses and software system comes from Hessen, Germany. The idea came from speaking with mechanical engineers who said that small repairs often mean a lot of travel time for them. It’s not just MDR that finds the solution “simply genius.” It helps save time and unnecessary costs. With support from companies like FRIMO, computer scientists Nils and Sven Arnold are tweaking their system as quickly as possible to get it ready for the market.

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As our written announcement stated in July, the five German FRIMO locations in Ainring, Freilassing, Hamburg, Lotte, and Sontra continue operating under the new name FRIMO GmbH as a single organization with immediate effect.

The new FRIMO GmbH entity is seated in Lotte. This does not affect the addresses or business divisions of the above-mentioned locations. All locations and contacts remain available.

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