Report: 1st FRIMO TechDay Sontra

Lightweight Construction, Pressing, Forming, Trimming

Under the motto of “Building a light future?”, FRIMO Group GmbH hosted the first TechDay on its Sontra site on May 22, 2014. More than 180 participants from 90 different companies attended the event and took the opportunity to find out about innovations in the areas of lightweight construction, pressing, forming and trimming, as well as exchange information about development and fields of application and future challenges of these technologies, with speakers and participants in groups of top-level experts. Bernd Risse, Plant Manager at FRIMO in Sontra, appeared impressed with the positive response and the high turnout.

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LESLIE takes off –FRIMO and 3D|CORE™

During this years` Composites Europe trade show, which was held in September 2013 in Stuttgart, FRIMO and ESC GmbH & Co. KG based in Herford announced their partnership in the development of new and cost-effective lightweight construction solutions for large-scale series production.

Automotive Division Award 2012 der SPE Central Europe

At the 14th Automotive Award Night in Düsseldorf/Neuss in June, awards in the Body Interior, Body Exterior, Power Train and Electronic/Optical Parts categories were once again presented for the most innovative use of plastics in the automotive sector and its supply industry. In particular, the expert panel of judges focused on the most creative solutions in the processing, manufacture and design of automotive components. In addition to the component manufacturers, awards are also presented to the raw material suppliers as well as the providers for tooling and machinery equipment. The SPE Awards are today regarded as the most prestigious awards for innovations with plastics in the automotive industry..


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