Sophisticated Skin Design

The high quality look of surfaces plays an important role in the design of modern automotive interiors. The trend towards an ever increasing variety of different designs and materials in numerous combinations necessitates that suitable modifications and advances are made to processing technologies. For producing decorative surfaces, foils possess diverse properties that make them attractive and economical.

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Hitting the nail on the head – joint venture between FRIMO and CMTT

With th new mixing head joint venture between FRIMO and CMTT (Covelo Machine & Tool Trade Co., Inc.) FRIMO CEO Hans-Günter Bayer is setting a new course for a global PUR strategy in the field of mixing head technology.

Latest developments in thermoforming

The completely newly developed generation of FRIMO EcoForm thermoforming machines features numerous technical improvements, the most significant being the modular design. This means that an EcoForm machine can be configured from different modules to optimally meet the specific requirements of the customer. The basic version is a classic single-station machine for films and sheets with a pre-blowing box and an upper table. The first of the possible add-on modules could be a chain rail for conveying soft films or, alternatively, a sheet conveyor. The EcoForm can be enhanced with a pre-heating section for both thermoforming of sheet material and thermoforming of films. Another possible add-on module is a second upper table, e.g. for use in vacuum laminating...


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