Sustainable impulses for the future.

Environmental policy

of the Integrated Management System.

We look at sustainability in its entirety – economically, environmentally, and socially. We believe it is our mission to conduct business in a sustainable manner - economically, environmentally, and socially. Occupational health and safety and environmental protection play very important roles.

To achieve this, we develop and retain qualified personnel. We pay careful attention to conserving resources within our working environment. Our production systems are continuously developed to minimize material and energy consumption, and to leave as neutral a carbon footprint as possible.

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, continuous improvements and ideas from our employees and our customers are integrated into our products. We unquestioningly fulfill legal regulations and ethical standards, such as the 17 sustainability principles of the United Nations.

The FRIMO Group stands for fair and legally compliant behavior in competition, ensuring sustainable quality and corporate success. Our values and guidelines are laid out in a company-wide Code of Conduct, and we monitor compliance with it.

FRIMO Contact Environmental policy
FRIMO Contact Environmental policy

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