Focusing on the Future with FRIMO 4.0

New technologies and services for global operations in a digital world

FRIMO 4.0 stands for our effort to develop future-oriented manufacturing equipment, which takes into consideration increasing globalization, rapid technological developments, demographic changes, and our evolution into a knowledge society with rapidly increasing digitization.

Our production systems will offer your operators an increasing level of active support in order to optimize the safety and stability of your processes and to proactively schedule maintenance. We use and test state-of-the-art visualization methods that guide the operator with various features directly within the process.

Automated data collection and analysis from the production environment will serve to not only continuously monitor production, but also to affect and improve product quality using certain parameters within a self-learning and self-adapting process. System availability and, as a result, productivity can be increased through intelligent sensors, as well as autonomous communication between the systems with internal and external service points.

FRIMO 4.0 stands for technical implementation in projects, the development of new solutions, and also for innovative services that are designed to provide real added value in the future.


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