A Dynamic Duo - Heating and Cooling in One Tool

A Dynamic Duo - Heating and Cooling in One Tool

Heating and cooling are basic operations in the manufacturing process, especially when it comes to press lamination. FRIMO is a market-leading developer and supplier of innovative press laminating tools and systems for the manufacture of components with high-quality leather and artificial leather surfaces, such as those found, for example, in many interior applications in the automotive industry.

The term “duo” when associated with heating and cooling means that both operations can be represented by one and the same tool. And this is a thoroughly complex and demanding procedure for which FRIMO has in cooperation with a well-known OEM developed a completely new approach in the form of what has been dubbed Duotherm tool technology. This brings considerable advantages when hot melt adhesives, which are sprayed on the substrate, are used in press laminating. To avoid delamination, the hot melt adhesive must be cooled after heating or activation to ensure sufficient initial strength between the decorative element and the substrate. Technology-specific temperature control is used to ensure that a change in temperature from 65°C - 20°C takes place on the tool surface during each cycle.

With this technology FRIMO offers a solution that can reliably process prefixed cover materials with ornamental and functional seams directly in a press laminating tool. This eliminates the need for a transfer to an additional cooling stamp in a downstream process. Prefixed cover materials and seams are held securely in position and laminated over their entire surface throughout the adhesive activation process and re-cooling period.

This technology makes it possible to process prefixed leather garments in the press lamination tool. The precise temperature management in the tool guarantees that the hot melt adhesive in a tool can be both activated and safely demolded at room temperature.

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