Attending the 2018 SPE Awards - One Shot Technology

Attending the 2018 SPE Awards - One Shot Technology

On July 6, 2018 at the 18th SPE Award Night, the automotive awards for outstanding developments of plastic parts for vehicle construction were given out in seven categories.

FRIMO’s newest of their 24 total awards was for a project in which they partnered with Valeo for an organo front end support with integrated air ducts. Details can be found on the official SPE website.

This One Shot solution for efficient lightweight construction – a two-part plastic front end support made from organo sheet material – received first place in the structural components category. FRIMO supported the fully-automated One Shot production process used to create the part with high-performance tooling technology for high volumes.

The part not only meets rigidity requirements, but also makes air duct integration possible near the headlight and bumper connections. That is the reason for its clam-shell construction. The shell halves are produced using FRIMO tooling. The organo sheets are formed and the edges are coated simultaneously in the tools, which can then be finished directly during the process without additional trimming; the inserts are formed and coated in a single step. This One Shot process not only shortens cycle times, but also eliminates the need for additional contour trimming. The pre-fabricated organo sheets are inserted automatically and draped around the insert during the process.

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