Compact Design - High Performance for Thermoforming

Compact Design - High Performance for Thermoforming

Space limitations should not limit efficient production. Our compact machines are just as specific as your product. You can produce center consoles, sidewalls, inserts, or even partially laminated parts, such as door panels, in just 12 m2.

Depending on the configuration, this machine can achieve cycle times as low as 60 seconds and is therefore suitable for daily production requirements of over 500 parts. The layout can easily be modified to customer and product specifications, thanks to its modular construction.

Specially-developed components reduce material usage and significantly improve both the product quality and the machine’s operational availability. Substrate pre-heaters and two upper platens for forming and punching make this a full-service machine. It is outfitted with two foil feeds, and the automatic feeds are paired with a unit to connect the foils. The foils are fed into the frequency-controlled chain rail system, where color and error detectors are integrated. The foil heating station consists of top and bottom heaters, which can be controlled individually. The machine can also be equipped with the innovative FRIMO Time Shifted Heat Control (TSHC) for more economical and effective heating.

The compact design has many advantages. Ergonomics, safety, and handling all meet the highest technical requirements. The components are completely integrated into the machine frame and are easy to access, which simplifies maintenance. The machine can also be transported in a container without being disassembled, which makes transportation to another location and re-start-up possible without any specially-trained technicians.

Contact for questions and additional information:

FRIMO Freilassing GmbH
Reinhard Schäfer
Tel.: +49(0)8654/4985-940

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