JEC Innovation Showcase – Efficient Lightweight Construction Solutions for High Volumes

JEC Innovation Showcase – Efficient Lightweight Construction Solutions for High Volumes

Clever combinations for lightweight production – OSI (Organo Sheet Injection), NFPP Hybrid, and NFPP OneShot are innovative production solutions in which FRIMO combines processes and integrates functional elements to shorten cycle times, considerably raising productivity and profitability.

In the organo sheet injection (OSI) process, pre-trimmed thermoplastic sheet materials (organo sheets) are formed, back injected, and injection molded around inserts in one step. This process allows the traditionally separate forming and then back injection and injection molding processes to be integrated into a single process. Additional functional elements can easily be integrated. One of the products awarded at the 2018 SPE Awards is an organo front-end carrier, which FRIMO built the tools for. The part not only meets rigidity requirements, but also makes air duct integration possible near the headlight and bumper connections. That is why the customer, Valeo, designed its clam-shell construction. The organo sheets are formed and the edges are coated simultaneously in the tools, which can then be finished directly during the process without additional trimming; the inserts are formed and coated in a single step. This process eliminates the need for additional contour trimming. The pre-fabricated organo sheets are inserted automatically and draped around the insert during the process.

Along with organo sheets, natural fibers combined with plastics are an attractive lightweight construction solution. This material is perfect for producing door panels or backrests. The optimal combination and processability is determined by the project. In NFPP, polypropylene and natural fibers are combined in a 50/50 ratio. Natural fibers are mixed with polypropylene and needled into randomly oriented fiber mats. In the next step, the mats are heated and pressed, and the PP fibers melt and completely surround the natural fibers.

During the proven NFPP OneShot process, decorative materials, such as carpets or interior soft trim materials, are compressed with the substrate in one step. The NFPP Hybrid process allows the pressed parts to be back injected to add ribs, weld domes, or retainers and around inserts within a single step. FRIMO is able to combine these two processes as well, resulting in the NFPP OneShot Hybrid process. Surface lamination can therefore be completed in one step. This kind of complete solution for substrate compression, lamination, punching, and edge folding with integrated tools for the NFPP OneShot Hybrid technology can significantly increase efficiency and productivity for door panel production.

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