The Materials Management department at FRIMO Group includes purchasing and logistics. It is the backbone of the individual procurement process at FRIMO production sites around the world. We consider ourselves an internal service provider for all requesting locations and company branches.

Our Head of Materials Management is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, overall coordination and reporting to management. Other functions, such as supplier management, sourcing, master data management and framework contract negotiations are monitored centrally by our headquarters in Lotte (strategic purchasing). Operational and project purchasing, particularly for purchased and manufactured components and systems, is handled locally (project purchasing). Standard parts and commodities are purchased and shipped centrally for all locations (standard parts purchasing). As a separate organizational branch, central logistics is responsible for all strategic decisions and logistics planning. The team leader of each site is responsible for processing internal and external logistics tasks. Global shipping for finished tooling and equipment is coordinated by the central shipping office.


FRIMO Purchasing Contact
FRIMO Purchasing Contact

Stefan Cittrich

Chief Procurement Officer

+49 5404 886-283

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