Carpet Backfoaming in a Different Way

Fully Electric Tool Carriers

01 / 2017 The use of polyurethane has already proven itself for a wide range of applications in vehicle construction over a long period of time. The material is thus also used, for instance, in the manufacture of precisely contoured, three-dimensional, directly backfoamed car carpets. PUR backfoamed carpets are used for sound insulation inside the car, as well as having a decorative and integrative function.

Hydraulically driven tool carriers are primarily found on the market for carpet backfoaming. In order to make this process even more efficient for customers in the future, FRIMO developed an innovative drive concept that is unlike any other for carpet backfoaming to date. The new tool carrier is not driven by hydraulics, as is standard for carpet applications, but is instead fully automated thanks to an electric drive. With a width of approx. 4,000 mm, a depth of approx. 5,500 mm and a closed height of approx. 2,700 mm (open approx. 4,200 mm), the fully electric FRIMO tool carrier weighs around 10,000 kilos on the scales. The top part of the tool can be turned around at an angle of 180° via an electric gear motor, with a 90° turn taking around 8 seconds. The lower part can also be turned at an angle of 90° within 5 seconds. The movement of the upper and lower parts is controlled via a separate frequency converter. This means that parallel movements can also be undertaken, taking into account interference factors. An optimized motion sequence is also possible. The locking force comes to 2x 300 kN (2x 67,500 lbf.). By fitting two tools in the carrier, the output rate can also be doubled.

The dimensions for a currently used tool come to 1,800 mm in width, 2,200 mm in depth and 1,040 mm in height. Both the upper and the lower tool display a max. weight of 1,500 Kilos.

The fully electric tool carriers for carpet backfoaming have many advantages over conventional, hydraulically driven products. First and foremost is the huge energy saving. Besides the energy saving, leakages can be prevented and the development of sound minimized. As no more hydraulic lines have to be laid, ground work is also no longer required. In general, the entire setup is comparatively fast and uncomplicated. The fully electric tool carriers can be switched off individually. This virtually rules out the risk of the entire plant breaking down. A very significant factor in carpet backfoaming is also the turning movements of the tool carrier, which can be set much more harmoniously in the electric version and thus ensure a smooth and reliable process and an end product with the best quality.

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