Clever combination ‒ forming and back injection in a single operation

FRIMO presents Organo Sheet Injection process

09 / 2013 - In the development and design of innovative manufacturing solutions that are cost-effective at the same time, the combination of different technologies and the integration of different work steps into the process play a key role. With the Organo Sheet Injection (OSI) process, FRIMO offers an innovative option to cleverly combine forming and back injection into a single operation, in order to accelerate the process and to make it more profitable.
As a result, the previously separate work steps of hot pressing tabular-shaped semi-finished products and subsequent back injection can now be integrated into one process. Having been pre-heated in the injection mold, the large surface area semi-finished products, whether made, for example, of NFPP (natural fiber + PP) or organo sheet (CF, GF, aramid mesh/mat with different thermoplastic matrices), are first formed and then they are back injected immediately thereafter. Functions such as fixation eyelets or specifically placed reinforcement ribs can be integrated into this back injection process and also the quality of component edging can be perfected.
Combining these processing steps into a single operation not only makes it possible to reduce cycle time but also enables a considerable reduction in tooling invest. And in addition to this there is further cost saving potential with view to handling and storage.
In order to convince customers of the results which can be achieved with the Organo Sheet Injection process, FRIMO has set up a neutral test mold and produced a number of sample parts. As one example of an application, samples of a window retainer can be produced with NFPP and also with various organo sheets.

Application areas for the Organo Sheet Injection process primarily include structural components (with organo sheets based on glass fibers or carbon fibers) such as seat structures, seat shells, automotive exterior body parts or aircraft applications. The process is also well-suited for automotive interior applications (natural fiber PP), such as door, side, column and backrest trim elements, which can then be laminated with decorative fabrics or films.

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