Established 1962: Plastics technologies “made by FRIMO”

The FRIMO Group celebrates its 50th anniversary

09 / 2012 - When FRIMO was founded in 1962 in a rented garage in Osnabrück, Germany, the small tool manufacturing company had five employees. As a small provider of models and special tools for processing polyurethanes, the only things that were “big” besides their enthusiasm were the dreams they had in the midst of an economic boom. But no one – probably not even the founding fathers Fritsche and Möllmann – imagined the possibility of such dynamic development over the decades that followed. Today, 50 years later, the FRIMO group of companies is a global market leader that develops and manufactures innovative production systems for the international automotive industry and other plastics processing sectors.
At 50 years, FRIMO is still a young company, and yet its roots extend back a half century into the last millennium. In momentous and also challenging times, FRIMO has always been a pioneering company with a creative spirit right from the start. Through the quality of its innovative products, the young company quickly made a name for itself. Over the years, it faced an endless series of new challenges from the continuously expanding automotive industry, transforming these challenges into competitive production solutions. This was accompanied by the successive growth of the company’s facilities and technologies. Already in the 1980s FRIMO faced the globalization and started business activities on the US market. Today 150 employees work in the FRIMO Inc. facility that combines nearly all of the technologies of the FRIMO Group. Having also continuously built up and expanded our manufacturing site in Shanghai in recent years, we produce our products there on a local basis as well. Our World Product Strategy has enabled us to use a modular system to adapt the different products and technologies to the different conditions rapidly and efficiently.
That’s how the small toolmaker of yesterday became one of the leading international technology providers for manufacturing solutions of today. With 1,200 employees in 15 locations worldwide, FRIMO is a company that thinks and acts strategically, and one that provides worldwide support to its customers - along the entire value chain. We focus on offering solutions which provide added value. Its broad range of products and services and the intelligent combination of technologies make FRIMO the ideal partner to implement complex projects on a global scale.
With the growing use of plastics in high-tech applications and with continuous progress in the use of plastics as a substitute for metal, increasing demands are being placed on the manufacture of plastic components. Only by using innovative technologies and manufacturing systems a high quality level can be achieved for the finished components. FRIMO considers itself a key partner for such developments and takes pride in having gained almost 20 awards for outstanding performance in the construction of innovative tooling and machinery equipment for processing plastics.
Hans-Günter Bayer sums it up this way: “As a technology partner, FRIMO has always met the demands of its customers. 50 years of FRIMO make us proud. And for us they also represent a responsibility for a sustainable future.  At FRIMO we continue to optimize our products and services so we can accompany our customers throughout every process step. And the know-how of our outstanding employees will also enable us to develop pioneering and creative solutions for future applications.”

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