FRIMO and CMTT agree Joint Venture in the Mixing Heads field

Accelerate development - extend performance range - optimize service

12 / 2014 – Over more than half a century, FRIMO has left an indelible mark on the manufacture of polyurethane parts for vehicle interiors, particularly instrument panels, door trims and center consoles. What’s more, it took the company just eight years to propel itself into dosing and mixing technology as one of the Top 5 global companies in this field. In fact, since 2006, FRIMO has independently constructed mixing and dosing units as well as all related peripherals. During that period, well over one hundred PURe Mix dosing machines have been deployed by our customers in a range of industries. The new joint venture will further boost the development and production of mixing heads as well as service, to retain our position at the top of the market in future.

Since 2006, FRIMO has accumulated an even wider scope of expertise in constructing complex polyurethane processing systems. As well as intelligent and innovative system concepts, work has already got underway on constructing and marketing high-pressure dosing machines including the related mixing heads. Since doing so, this move has also secured FRIMO further market success, primarily in the field of soft and integral semi-rigid foam applications.

When it comes to PU processing, mixing heads are among the most sensitive components, for which reliability and security during production are crucial. Key priorities for users, therefore, include customer proximity and speed of service. Today, FRIMO has successfully established serial production of transfer mixing heads for key output ranges as part of the FMH series. All mixing heads are equipped with innovative nozzle / needle systems, recirculation grooves, optimal injection angles and the latest material matching and surface treatments to ensure low-friction operation. 3-component mixing heads, also available as duplex, have proved their worth in fully automated high-volume production facilities with raw material/color change from one shot to the next. And in the sector where the task is to attain varied hardness and density in diverse foam component sectors, e.g. seat cushions, mixing heads are used and can process up to 6 components.

Within FRIMO’s global manufacturing strategy, the mixing and dosing units are already produced in facilities in Europe, America and Asia. In the next step mixing heads will be added. Accumulated expertise, constructing components on all three major continents, additional production scope available, swift service and expanding the product portfolio to cover the entire range of outputs and applications are all on the company agenda. By leveraging the new mixing head Joint Venture between FRIMO and CMTT (Covelo Machine & Tool Trade Co., Inc.) FRIMO CEO Hans-Günter Bayer is setting the future course. Originally founded in Germany, CMTT now operates from the USA and focuses on constructing and producing high-pressure mixing heads. In recent decades, CEO Roland Höhne has been at the center of virtually all new developments and refinements made to relevant mixing head technologies in the global market, e.g. recirculation, transfer and nozzle technologies. Covelo is also a market leader when it comes to the materials applied, material matching or production methods and surface treatments.

“Thanks to this joint venture, FRIMO and CMTT will be able to pool their accumulated expertise and swiftly make massive leaps forward to accelerate FRIMO product development. With its longstanding expertise and reputation in constructing and repairing mixing heads and having established its industry presence over the past four decades, CMTT is an ideal partner for us. We want to exploit these synergies. We are convinced that we will be able to offer very real benefits to our customers as a result, and in the very near future“, says Hans-Günter Bayer. “Moreover, future scope to leverage the global sales organization of FRIMO will considerably improve our market access. The customer gains the most from this initiative, combining the expertise and strengths of both partners, namely from the high quality of the mixing heads and an excellent and expedited repair service to boot“, explains CMTT CEO Roland Höhne.

Because CMTT has proved itself for decades as one of the key global go-to companies when it comes to servicing and repairing all standard mixing head brands. With immediate effect, the service and repair scope will expand from Europe to also encompass America and Asia, where FRIMO currently manufactures its mixing and dosing units. For more on what makes CMTT the perfect partner, the words of Armin Daniel, who heads the PU systems engineering division at FRIMO: "CMTT fits perfectly into FRIMO’s global PU strategy and represents a major step forward in our quest to establish a global network of production and service facilities. Shorter throughput times and rapid-response service are the key goals. This is important for better proximity to customers and a reliable service partnership“.

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