Certified Integrated Management System at FRIMO

Cooperation in the polyurethane sector offers customers highly specialized expertise and individual solutions for automotive applications

Lotte, Germany, 18th March 2022

The FRIMO Group is a leading development and system partner in the international automotive industry. Its primary objective is to optimally fulfill the extremely high customer demands prevalent in this sector. In addition to uncompromising quality, robust processes in the areas of work safety, health protection and the environment are growing increasingly important and must also be documentable and demonstrable for customers and business partners.

Engagement in these aspects has therefore also been intensified at FRIMO, with further development initiated in accordance with the requirements of an integrated management system.

The FRIMO management takes a clear position here. ‘We consider it our entrepreneurial responsibility to create a framework for further development by FRIMO in the spheres of quality, health, work safety and the environment. An integrated management system puts us in a position to make full use of synergies in the higher complexity of our business environment. We will be implementing these optimized processes across all our sites in the spirit of One FRIMO, including internationally’, emphasizes Dr. Christof Bönsch, CEO, FRIMO Group GmbH, adding: ‘We see this as the next logical step towards a consistently customer-centered orientation.’

The processes relating to quality, health, work safety, and environment have thus been further optimized in a single ambitious project, and the success of the implementation was confirmed in 2021 by certification. The conditions were therefore met for ensuring that all business processes are performed in compliance with the standards within the framework of a future-oriented, sustainable corporate policy. And integrated, in order to take advantage of as many synergies as possible and to deploy resources efficiently. For all involved, business success is more than ever dependent on a responsible attitude to the resources available in economic, ecological and social terms.

‘We are proud that we overcame the difficulties of the pandemic and were able to compete recertification of our quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 in 2021 as well as gaining certification for our health protection and work safety processes under the ISO 45001:2018 standard and environmental protection to ISO 14001:2015. Certifications have been part of our business at FRIMO for over 25 years, but they’re hardly routine’, says Matthias Stauffer, responsible for management systems and processes at FRIMO GmbH.

The audits, lasting several days, were carried out by auditors from certifying body TÜV Rheinland. The certificates issued have a validity of three years. The certification confirms FRIMO’s self-concept in its handling of product quality, safety, sustainability, and customer-centered processes.

‘But that doesn’t mean we can relax’, stresses Stauffer, adding: ‘For us, the integrated management system is the obligation, at the same time, to reflect our products and services continually on the global level and to improve them.’



f.l.t.r.: Matthias Stauffer (FRIMO GmbH), Pascal Füchtenhans (TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH), Dr. Christof Bönsch (CEO, FRIMO Group GmbH)


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