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FRIMO is Growing - New Location in North America

02 / 2016 - With 125 million inhabitants, Mexico has built an attractive market with a high potential for growth. The North American country constitutes a major production market within NAFTA and is the second largest supplier of products to the USA. With production sites of ten OEMs and numerous tier-1 suppliers, the automotive industry also holds a strong position in Mexico. In order to more optimally meet the needs of its customers, FRIMO is opening a new production site in Puebla, which lies at the heart of Mexico.

Customer service and reliability have always been crucial to FRIMO. Focus has always been placed on adapting to the changing needs of customers in order to offer optimal solutions. In addition to strong project collaboration, the company also concentrates on project support after initial start-up on customer premises. Global service with short response times is necessary for just-in-time delivery.

To meet growing demands, FRIMO has now opened a production site in Mexico to add to its European locations, and locations in the Detroit area (USA) and in Shanghai (China). Until now, FRIMO Inc. in Wixom, Michigan, USA, has covered all service activities for the Mexican market. After the foundation was laid in September 2015, a new building featuring a 2,000 m² production hall and 700 m² of office space was completed in record time. The location has already begun operating and will grow to a total of 35 employees over the course of this year, who will produce, refurbish, and maintain tools and systems for the automotive industry. Furthermore, experienced technicians provide emergency services with even quicker response times. FRIMO places a great emphasis on hiring qualified experts and providing first-class in-house training right from the beginning.

The new FRIMO site is located in Puebla, in the heart of Mexico, where a VW plant established in 1964 represents one of the centers for automotive production. This is also one of the reasons for the excellent level of education of the citizens in this region. Puebla is the capital of the Central Mexican State of Puebla with a population of about 1.5 million. Furthermore, Puebla is within close range of a majority of the automobile production centers, making it an optimal location for FRIMO.

The new production site will be established under the direction of FRIMO Inc. (Wixom, MI, USA), and is primarily intended to concentrate on local service and expanding the production capacities of the Wixom location. The entire range of FRIMO technologies will be available: tools, systems, and complete production solutions for PU processing, flexible trimming, punching, pressing, forming, thermoforming, lamination, edge folding, and joining. Local management will include general manager Sascha Gehrmann and production manager Wolfgang Kleingünther.

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