Ultrasonic Welding Goes Mobile

FRIMO manual welding cases for small series and repairs

02 / 2016 - Ultrasonic welding has become an established joining method for plastic parts when short process times are required and no additional materials, adhesives, or solvents are to be used. The method enables high-strength, good quality joining seams. When it comes to prototypes, small series, or repairs, conventional US welding systems are generally too large or unsuitable.

In these situations, the FRIMO manual welding case is ideal. The technically sophisticated mobile ultrasonic welding unit consists of highly developed components optimally suited to one another, and provides all prerequisites for mobile use. The robust case, made of impact-resistant PP, is fully equipped with a digital generator and an ergonomic manual welding unit. A total weight of 9 kg makes mobile, flexible, and versatile use possible.

Application areas

The possible fields of application include the automotive industry, as well as many other industries that process thermoplastics. Whenever welding is necessary in prototype and small series production, or when follow-up welding and single piece processing are required, the mobile welding case is a smart solution or supplement.

FRIMO manual welding cases are also very popular in poultry keeping. On chicken farms, for instance, so-called manure belts made of polypropylene are used to dry and remove excrements. Many customers use the mobile and flexible ultrasonic welding unit for installation and repairs.


Two 40 kHz versions – 400 watts (FG 441 B) and 800 watts (FG 841 B) – are available as integrated digital generators and are characterized by their simple operating concept with complete menu navigation and easy servicing. The generators feature digital frequency generation, intelligent ventilation control to prevent unnecessary unit contamination, a soft start system for smooth oscillation build-up, and secure idling. Sophisticated safety systems ensure extremely high operational safety. Parameters are entered via a touch panel and are all shown on a large back-lit LCD graphic display. This includes frequency and amplitude indicators, a power and time monitor, and a piece counter. The menu guidance also includes amplitude control as well as operation in timer and energy modes.

Manual welding unit

With the ergonomic manual welding unit, the customer can choose between a pistol grip (FH 413 with US converter 841) or manual stick welder 413i with US converter 841i.


With its manual welding case, FRIMO offers a robust complete system for mobile use or the production of prototypes, small series, etc. that delivers a very rapid return thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio.

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